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Young Entrepreneur Changes the Face of Tech in Memphis

  This article by Rachel Warren originally appeared on Higher Ground News. Why wait for business school? MIT trains Memphis high school students in launching their own businesses before they even get to college. Divya Pinnaka, a Germantown High School... Continue Reading →

How will I choose the best business idea for my Launch startup?

We get a lot of questions about the idea generation process in our summer teen entrepreneurship program. Students come to our summer program eager to start their own companies, so they're often wondering what their company and product will be—how will... Continue Reading →

I was declined from Launch. Should I apply again next year?

If you applied to Launch's high school entrepreneurship program for summer 2017 and were not admitted, there's still hope! Here are two reasons why you should be excited and your chances of admittance will be higher when you apply again... Continue Reading →

Launch Admissions Committee Reviews – Demystified

At Launch, we look for a bit different criteria than you might be used to from your school, extracurricular activities, and parents.  We have high expectations for the students of this program, which means that we have high expectations of... Continue Reading →

Recap of Financial Need for Summer 2017

You need not let the price of the program deter you from applying!  The goal of Launch is to inspire young entrepreneurs, regardless of their personal or family situations.  We have covered this topic before for summer 2015 and 2016,... Continue Reading →

Launch Summer Admissions Stats 2017

Congratulations again to all those accepted to MIT Launch Summer 2017!  To give you a bit better idea of the class profile, here are a few stats on our admitted class. Our admission rate this year is about 12%  

Making the Right Decision: International Student Edition

Today's post is brought to you by Launch Alum, Tak-Ho Lee. Summer programs are important. They teach you valuable skills you can’t exactly learn in school; they create long-lasting relationships; they introduce you to people all around the world with... Continue Reading →

Why I Chose to Learn Entrepreneurship at MIT Launch (and Why You Should Too)

Today's post is brought to you by Launch Alum, Sean Ojha.  My name is Sean Ojha, and I’m a Launch ’16 alum. MIT Launch gave me the most immersive entrepreneurial experience of my entire life, endowed me with a powerful... Continue Reading →

Starting a Company as a High Schooler Taught Me This Important Life Lesson

This week's post is brought to you by Launch Alum and entrepreneur, Rishi Talati, CEO of Gift A Hand Foundation.  “On behalf of the Admissions Committee, we are pleased to have expanded the first session of the Launch Summer Program by... Continue Reading →

How Nakul Goel Became a High School Entrepreneur

I remember finding out about Launch two hours before the application deadline was due. The minute I opened the Launch website, there was a picture that gave me goosebumps. In the picture high school students were studying in an MIT... Continue Reading →

Launch Stories: Isha Mayor, Massachusetts

My experience at Launch was quite unique and I loved it. I associate Launch with my experiences from interacting with the people I had the opportunity to meet. My favorite part was listening to incredible speakers during lessons and entrepreneur... Continue Reading →

Financial Need Scholarships for 2017

Every year we get so many great questions about the Launch program. While many of these questions can be answered here, we’d like to take a moment to address one important topic- financial assistance. We have covered this topic before, but... Continue Reading →

Launch Stories: Reginald Fils, Boston

I can vividly remember sitting in my school library talking to my teacher about what I hoped to fulfill for the upcoming summer. The weather outside was an ordinary 40 degrees, but this did not stop the conversation, it actually... Continue Reading →

How to Start a Maker Space

Originally posted on the personal website of founder  Laurie Stach. The Makerspace Movement is playing a critical role in upgrading the education system to the modern age. Instead of just learning from a textbook or lecture, students are able to... Continue Reading →

Shining a Light on Female Entrepreneurs in Tech

Originally posted on the personal website of Trish Cotter, Entrepreneur in Residence. Last night, MIT’s Martin Trust Center hosted a screening of the award-winning documentary “She Started It” which follows five women in their journeys to launch businesses in the... Continue Reading →

Learn How to Scale From a Pro

This content was written for and originally posted on the MIT Sloan School Newsroom co-founder Donna Levin played a key part in that company’s growth, and the passion was personal. Levin’s work plans were curtailed when her son was... Continue Reading →

The Launch Teen Entrepreneur Alumni Conference is Two Weeks Away

Launch alumni from all over the world will be returning to MIT campus in just two weeks to enjoy a weekend of learning, professional development and fun. MIT Launch hosts an annual conference to continually engage alumni in our community... Continue Reading →

Will you take the Launch entrepreneur pledge?

Let's start with the million-dollar question: What is entrepreneurship? Most of what you see on TV is built on the myths of entrepreneurship: freedom, wealth, power, etc. Entrepreneurship is not quite so glamorous as it may appear. As Shark Lori Grenier... Continue Reading →

Launch Stories: Gabi Fullam, Ireland

When I applied for Launch, I didn't really consider the fact that I might ACTUALLY get in. It was more a far away cloudy dream. I had no idea that this dream would materialize in front of me into something... Continue Reading →

Bring MIT Launch to your school!

This article is by Launch Program Coordinator, Marvin Vilma. High school students around the world have identified a lack of entrepreneurship education at their schools. Project-based learning has become a buzz term that educators use, but students want more. They want the... Continue Reading →

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