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August 2013

“We’re all in good hands”

One of our wonderful and enthusiastic entrepreneur mentors reflects on his experience working with Launch students. "The way I see it is this: entrepreneurship, like any other creative discipline (music, art, dance etc.) needs practice, early exposure to influences and... Continue Reading →

Student Feedback – True Passion

Launch made me realize my true passion in life. I've never really found classes at school too interesting. But Launch was so amazing. I don't want to do anything else but business. It also made me realize the possibilities and... Continue Reading →

Student Feedback – Empowering Experience

Launch was probably the most self-fulfilling, empowering experience that I have ever gone through. I can honestly say that I have changed as a person from the last few weeks and I have no regrets. It was incredibly difficult to... Continue Reading →

Goodbye to MIT and our beautiful dorm

Sadly, today is the last day of Launch.  That means goodbye to our classroom, goodbye to MIT campus and the beautiful Maseeh Hall dorms that have been our home for the last four weeks, and goodbye to the amazing friends... Continue Reading →

Although we don't think the parents of Launch students will ever truly be able to understand the magic of what happened here this summer, we tried to give them a taste of it on the last day of classes by... Continue Reading →

Entrepreneur Panel: Keys to Success

Today’s panel covered topics ranging from growing beyond the initial startup phase, to keys to success in entrepreneurship, to general advice on how to achieve your dreams. The panelists today included: Jonathan Sheffi - Co-founder and Product Marketing Director of Clinical... Continue Reading →

And the winners are…

Judged top overall:  Amadi "With albinism prominent in Nigeria, the lack of adequate and advanced sun protection leaves people out of the workforce and increases risk of skin cancer and premature death. Amadi Suncare builds its brand around solving this... Continue Reading →

Thank you to our pitch judges!

Pitches today are attended by potential angel investors and a panel of esteemed judges.  Judging criteria is based on business viability, potential value, and pitch delivery. Viability: the project team has addressed risks associated with customer development, has a product... Continue Reading →

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Book Launch

We were able to see Bill Aulet, director of the MIT Martin Trust Center, launch his new book, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, today at the MIT Media Lab.  As a strategic advisor of Launch, Bill provides foundational support to our curriculum through... Continue Reading →

Finance Friday and Money Monday

Today concluded our financial instruction of the Launch curriculum. We had Finance Friday, where we took inputs of the revenue projections from earlier in the week and added an understanding of the different development, fixed, and variable costs required to... Continue Reading →

The Power of Improv

Several of the students had some good laughs tonight at an improv show of Rebels Without Applause.  Some of the students' businesses were used as examples in skits and a few students even got pulled on stage as part of... Continue Reading →

Go Red Sox!

Scavenger Hunt!

Students had the option today of participating in a scavenger hunt.  They were sent with a "T" pass (the Boston MBTA train and bus pass) to different famous places around the city to discover the wonders of Boston outside of... Continue Reading →

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