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November 2015

The Creative Process

Launch starts before students even set foot on MIT campus with some assignments to be completed prior to arrival - primarily the creative process ideation and filtering.  The best ideas are at the intersection of students interests, passions, and market trends and... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (3/4)

Hello again. Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! This week we're going to focus on a trickier bit of the application (well it's really not that tricky--it just looks confusing): the Entrepreneurial Baseline. What do we mean by "entrepreneurial baseline"?  We... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (2/4)

Hello again. I hope you all have started on those applications! This week we're done with housekeeping--let's talk about your schoolwork and your activities. Transcript: Basic School Info: This is pretty typical, the easy stuff 🙂 Class Rank: Don’t sweat... Continue Reading →

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