We’re so impressed with the applicant pool this year, and had some really hard decisions to make.  We often get asked throughout the process and after decisions come out: What do we look for in applicants?  There’s no one profile or formula, and there’s not a way to build your resume or application to reverse-engineer what we’re looking for, though here are a few examples of admits this year, to give you a better idea of what appealed to our admissions committee.

Admit Example #1:


  • Clear passion and drive within STEM and education
  • Co-founder and CTO of two STEM-related initiatives, clearly communicating both the vision and progress of these projects, and committing significant time
  • Internship at a startup that creates games for kids both through apps and 3D objects
  • Leadership in extracurricular activities
  • ~3.0 GPA (we recognize that entrepreneurs do not always have the best grades!)

Admit Example #2:


  • Driven both as a creative designer to make things look and feel amazing, plus learn more about business and create her own startup to make an impact on others
  • Co-founder and UX expert of peer co-working community, plus UI/UX developer of business meetup group
  • Summer internships plus a summer business program with an innovative company development
  • Provides A/V technical support for school events plus plays an instrument
  • Top grades and challenging course load

Admit Example #3:


  • Experienced and insightful programmer since elementary school with drive to continue his experience by building something on a bigger scale
  • 3 apps on the app store, showing understanding for and appreciation of the challenges of launching an app and obtaining downloads
  • Attendee of multiple hackathons, plus organizer of a hackathon, plus a solid understanding of teamwork from these experiences
  • Founder of school programming club, plus leadership in robotics
  • ~3.7 GPA


So what does it take to get into MIT Launch?  We love to see students with a clear passion, who take initiative on that passion, and show work ethic, resiliency, and collaboration in its pursuit.  These are some of the foundational components of great entrepreneurs that we continue to build and grow throughout the program.

While we are certain that several students that we were not able to admit would do exceedingly well at Launch, we unfortunately have limited capacity.  We look forward to working with the impressive students who are admitted this year, and hope that the remaining applicants continue to pursue their passions and apply again next year!