Session one of Launch is just over a month away! We hope that you are as excited as we are for the program to start. There are many reasons why Launch is a worthwhile experience, and the college experience of roommate living is just one of them.

You might be nervous about living with a roommate for the first time. Maybe you are an only child or a like to listen to music at all hours of the night. Rest assured, our Launch team works hard to make sure that students enjoy a positive living experience throughout the program by intelligently matching roommates, while also offering some single rooms. Launch admits fill out a pre-work survey that includes questions about lifestyle and work habits, giving us some key information that is statistically proven to contribute to positive roommate experiences.

While there is an option to request a single room, Launch alumni highly suggest rooming with a classmate to have a richer experience during the program. For some students, this may be your first time away from home for an extended period of time. Not only will your roommate keep you company, they will surely provide motivation during the intense four weeks of the program. Launch roommates have often become best friends and continue to inspire each other in their business ventures.

Still feeling nervous? We’ve asked some of our previous Launchies to share their roommate experiences. Here’s what they said:

“Launch couldn’t possibly have got my roommate allocation more right. Before the program even began my roomie Lauren and I were best friends, and our bond only grew as a result of our month together. We were on different teams, so we were there for each other to help brainstorm ideas and support each other when things got tough or the workload piled up. I’m still super close with Lauren and we definitely have a sisterly relationship. I know we’ll be friends for life!” -Ciara

“Even if you and your roommates aren’t working on the same company. That doesn’t make them your sworn enemy. Bounce off ideas! Use constructive criticism! Teamwork makes the dream work!” – Allen

“My roommate, Michael, was awesome. We helped each other on our projects, and he made me laugh every single day! Our late night conversations were the best!” -Matteo

Living in a dorm has perks of its own. You’ll have the opportunity to become extremely close with not just your roommate, but your neighbors as well.

“Our room was maintained like a common room: since my roommate and I loved it that way (but also because she brought a fridge and guitar.) We had similar interests, sleep schedules, cleanliness preferences, and shower gel: so we were comfortable with each other. I am so thankful to her for always motivating me to keep going.” -Rajee

“Unfortunately, I did not have a roommate, but my next door neighbor (who also lived in a single dorm) acted like my roommate. You really bond when every morning your neighbor knocked on your door to access your fridge, where he stored everything he needed to make his morning smoothie, an important part of his “be fit and gain muscle” diet. He was a rugby player – maybe that’s relevant. Was I being used for my fridge? Probably. Was he my good friend? Most definitely.” – Ayden

Even if you and your roommate come from different parts of the world and have slightly different styles of living, you can certainly learn from each other and grow as a result.

Living with a roommate is just one part of the Launch experience but it is one that will shape your entire session. Be sure to answer your survey open and honestly and be ready to have an awesome time learning together this summer!