launchxAre you interested in becoming an entrepreneur, but don’t know where to start? Have you been coming up with new ideas, but aren’t sure what next step to take? It all comes down to a strong knowledge of the entrepreneurial process — from identifying opportunities in the market, researching those customer needs to discover top priorities, and finding the easiest way to prove your new innovation will work. We’ve made these principles available through our online course, Launch X: Becoming an Entrepreneur.

Launch X: Becoming an Entrepreneur teaches the MIT-certified concepts of Disciplined Entrepreneurship, challenging students from all over the world to learn innovative techniques to unleash their inner entrepreneur. With informative course materials, weekly assignments, YouTube live streams of our TA office hours, and constant feedback for an immersive and streamlined learning process, it’s attracted over 43,000 students from all 195 countries of the world for our current session.

We’ve asked students their reason for joining our MIT Launch X course.

“Looking back, I knew nothing. I was reluctant because I wasn’t sure if people would believe in me. Then I went through the course material. Just after a week, I had the confidence to start. I acknowledged the 80/20 rule, that soft skills like confidence and body language and posture play a very significant role to persuade people to believe in yourselves. That if you believe in yourself, others will resonate and do the same. It’s the most fascinating and unique course. There’s no such course from any Institution on any MOOC platform, and never will be!” -Jash, Mechatronics Engineering Student, India.

This story is not uncommon. Over 65% of course survey respondents from the first session reported that Launch X: Becoming an Entrepreneur has motivated them to start their own company. This impact extends to all geographic locations, ages (“young” entrepreneur can mean any new and aspiring entrepreneur for the online course), and educational backgrounds. In fact, approximately 38% of students enrolled for our course have parents who have never attended college.

Currently, we are in our fourth week of materials, demystifying common misconceptions of entrepreneurship and teaching the core principles behind ideation and market research, bringing it together with your value proposition. Upcoming topics include developing your strategy, MVP, and learning to pitch and sell.

The course is open for enrollment until July 31.  Sign up today to join this community of aspiring entrepreneurs!