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August 2016

Why Rodrigo Ruz Followed His Passion for Entrepreneurship from Mexico to Massachusetts

Being accepted into Launch was a valuable recognition that told me: “You are on the right track." Fortunately, I have learned to use my time not doing the things a college, job or someone else expects me to do; but rather... Continue Reading →

How to Scale Your Startup Post-Launch

This article is by Launch alumnus, Jason Zhao The first few weeks after Launch are the true tests of your entrepreneurial aptitude: the welcoming environment and massive network available at MIT are replaced with “the real world.” Not to fear, because as... Continue Reading →

What to Expect on Pitch Day

We have all taken tests and we know how important preparation is. The same goes for pitching your company. Your pitch marks the culmination of countless hours of researching the market, number crunching, prototyping and (not) sleeping. When pitch day... Continue Reading →

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