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September 2016

The Launch Teen Entrepreneur Alumni Conference is Two Weeks Away

Launch alumni from all over the world will be returning to MIT campus in just two weeks to enjoy a weekend of learning, professional development and fun. MIT Launch hosts an annual conference to continually engage alumni in our community... Continue Reading →

Will you take the Launch entrepreneur pledge?

Let's start with the million-dollar question: What is entrepreneurship? Most of what you see on TV is built on the myths of entrepreneurship: freedom, wealth, power, etc. Entrepreneurship is not quite so glamorous as it may appear. As Shark Lori Grenier... Continue Reading →

Launch Stories: Gabi Fullam, Ireland

When I applied for Launch, I didn't really consider the fact that I might ACTUALLY get in. It was more a far away cloudy dream. I had no idea that this dream would materialize in front of me into something... Continue Reading →

Bring MIT Launch to your school!

This article is by Launch Program Coordinator, Marvin Vilma. High school students around the world have identified a lack of entrepreneurship education at their schools. Project-based learning has become a buzz term that educators use, but students want more. They want the... Continue Reading →

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