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I was declined from Launch. Should I apply again next year?

If you applied to Launch's high school entrepreneurship program for summer 2017 and were not admitted, there's still hope! Here are two reasons why you should be excited and your chances of admittance will be higher when you apply again... Continue Reading →

Launch Admissions Committee Reviews – Demystified

At Launch, we look for a bit different criteria than you might be used to from your school, extracurricular activities, and parents.  We have high expectations for the students of this program, which means that we have high expectations of... Continue Reading →

Recap of Financial Need for Summer 2017

You need not let the price of the program deter you from applying!  The goal of Launch is to inspire young entrepreneurs, regardless of their personal or family situations.  We have covered this topic before for summer 2015 and 2016,... Continue Reading →

Launch Summer Admissions Stats 2017

Congratulations again to all those accepted to MIT Launch Summer 2017!  To give you a bit better idea of the class profile, here are a few stats on our admitted class. Our admission rate this year is about 12%  

Financial Need Scholarships for 2017

Every year we get so many great questions about the Launch program. While many of these questions can be answered here, we’d like to take a moment to address one important topic- financial assistance. We have covered this topic before, but... Continue Reading →

Will you take the Launch entrepreneur pledge?

Let's start with the million-dollar question: What is entrepreneurship? Most of what you see on TV is built on the myths of entrepreneurship: freedom, wealth, power, etc. Entrepreneurship is not quite so glamorous as it may appear. As Shark Lori Grenier... Continue Reading →

What does it take to get into MIT Launch??

  We’re so impressed with the applicant pool this year, and had some really hard decisions to make.  We often get asked throughout the process and after decisions come out: What do we look for in applicants?  There’s no one... Continue Reading →

MIT Launch Admissions Stats 2016

Congratulations again to all those accepted to MIT Launch Summer 2016!  To give you a bit better idea of the class profile, here are a few stats on our admitted class. Our admission rate this year is <15%! Primary background... Continue Reading →

What if I’m… *gasp*… denied?

Admissions decisions come out soon!  Which means we know that many of you are laying in eager wait.  There are so many wonderfully qualified students that apply to Launch, so before decisions are released, we want to cover a few... Continue Reading →

Launch Admissions FAQs

Congratulations on applying to MIT Launch! Whether you are waiting on your admissions decision or trying to decide whether to accept, we understand you have many questions, and we’re here to help! Please see below for the most commonly asked... Continue Reading →

International Students: Applying for a Visa?!

So you’ve been accepted to MIT Launch. First of all, congratulations! You’re in for one crazy summer. But now, if you’re from outside the US you’re probably going to have to start thinking of logistics, and most of all getting a... Continue Reading →

Ciara Judge: Last Minute Inspiration

There are three weeks left to apply for MIT Launch – and I'm here to tell you why a last minute application could change your life. Around this time last year I was surfing the internet, looking for things to... Continue Reading →

International Applicants: Hello From The Other Siiiiide

Less than one month left to apply to MIT Launch 2016, and the questions from international applicants are rolling in! I've collected some advice from former international Launchies for all of you with similar questions out there: Do I need a visa... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (4/4)

Hello December! We're back! The early application deadline is just around the corner (December 28)!  So it's time to look at the the video portion of the application.  And we've saved the best for last.  This is essentially your opportunity... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (3/4)

Hello again. Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! This week we're going to focus on a trickier bit of the application (well it's really not that tricky--it just looks confusing): the Entrepreneurial Baseline. What do we mean by "entrepreneurial baseline"?  We... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (2/4)

Hello again. I hope you all have started on those applications! This week we're done with housekeeping--let's talk about your schoolwork and your activities. Transcript: Basic School Info: This is pretty typical, the easy stuff 🙂 Class Rank: Don’t sweat... Continue Reading →

Financial Need Scholarships

Hello future Launchies! My name is Russell Reed, and I serve as the Onboarding Coordinator at MIT Launch. I know that, among the questions you have about the application itself, many of you have another concern: paying for Launch if... Continue Reading →

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the…2016 MIT Launch Application (1/4)

Hello hello, Annie here 🙂 It’s been such an exciting summer with Launch, and I can’t believe it’s already application season again! Here at MIT the campus, tours are in full swing again and every day as I pass by the... Continue Reading →

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