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How to Start a Maker Space

Originally posted on the personal website of founder  Laurie Stach. The Makerspace Movement is playing a critical role in upgrading the education system to the modern age. Instead of just learning from a textbook or lecture, students are able to... Continue Reading →

Shining a Light on Female Entrepreneurs in Tech

Originally posted on the personal website of Trish Cotter, Entrepreneur in Residence. Last night, MIT’s Martin Trust Center hosted a screening of the award-winning documentary “She Started It” which follows five women in their journeys to launch businesses in the... Continue Reading →

Learn How to Scale From a Pro

This content was written for and originally posted on the MIT Sloan School Newsroom co-founder Donna Levin played a key part in that company’s growth, and the passion was personal. Levin’s work plans were curtailed when her son was... Continue Reading →

Bring MIT Launch to your school!

This article is by Launch Program Coordinator, Marvin Vilma. High school students around the world have identified a lack of entrepreneurship education at their schools. Project-based learning has become a buzz term that educators use, but students want more. They want the... Continue Reading →

Experience MIT Launch online with Launch X!

Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur, but don’t know where to start? Have you been coming up with new ideas, but aren’t sure what next step to take? It all comes down to a strong knowledge of the entrepreneurial... Continue Reading →

Public Speaking Advice from my TEDx Talk

I recently had the honor of doing a TEDx talk.  It was a humbling, exciting, overwhelming, and exhausting experience.  I was among a panel of esteemed speakers including some previous TED global speakers, an Emmy-Award winner, a performance storyteller, and... Continue Reading →

The Creative Process

Launch starts before students even set foot on MIT campus with some assignments to be completed prior to arrival - primarily the creative process ideation and filtering.  The best ideas are at the intersection of students interests, passions, and market trends and... Continue Reading →

Countdown to Launch: T-Minus 24 Hours

Here at MIT Launch we've been working hard, and we're just about ready to launch! From expanding the executive team and intern team, to streamlining the curriculum and student support systems, we've been making lots of improvements and are excited... Continue Reading →

Launch Weekends

Launch is proud to announce that we are now promoting entrepreneurship for high school students through weekend crash courses - Launch Weekends.  Check out the website to learn more and sign up for our upcoming weekend in Boston on March... Continue Reading →

The Launch logo

The Launch logo is "iconic"! Check out this expert advice for designing / choosing your logo, featuring the Launch logo as the example for an iconic logo:

GreatPreneurs Interview with Launch Founder Laurie Stach

Founder Laurie Stach explains in a GreatPreneurs interview article the idea behind the Launch Program: "Launch was born from the idea that high school students have enormous untapped potential and that the current education system isn’t preparing students well enough for... Continue Reading →

Why High School Students Can Start Companies

Our co-founders Laurie and Mary Winn wrote an article for Under 30 CEO about why high school students can start companies and what we can do to help. A highlight: "Part of the reason younger people make better entrepreneurs is because... Continue Reading →

Why the world’s future depends on high school entrepreneurs

Our awesome cofounders have an article featured in BostInno! Check it out here.My favorite excerpt below:"Business experience teaches students how to decide which facts are relevant, solve complex and innovative problems and make decisions under uncertain conditions. Beyond giving students this nebulous,... Continue Reading →

Teaching High School Students How to Start Companies

Our founder, Laurie Stach, previously had an article in The New England Post: "Each of us grew up, like many of us, with a narrow view of potential career paths: Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Policeman, Artist, and Business Man – this... Continue Reading →

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