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How will I choose the best business idea for my Launch startup?

We get a lot of questions about the idea generation process in our summer teen entrepreneurship program. Students come to our summer program eager to start their own companies, so they're often wondering what their company and product will be—how will... Continue Reading →

Launch Stories: Reginald Fils, Boston

I can vividly remember sitting in my school library talking to my teacher about what I hoped to fulfill for the upcoming summer. The weather outside was an ordinary 40 degrees, but this did not stop the conversation, it actually... Continue Reading →

Launch Stories: Gabi Fullam, Ireland

When I applied for Launch, I didn't really consider the fact that I might ACTUALLY get in. It was more a far away cloudy dream. I had no idea that this dream would materialize in front of me into something... Continue Reading →

Why Rodrigo Ruz Followed His Passion for Entrepreneurship from Mexico to Massachusetts

Being accepted into Launch was a valuable recognition that told me: “You are on the right track." Fortunately, I have learned to use my time not doing the things a college, job or someone else expects me to do; but rather... Continue Reading →

Quenching My Thirst for Adventure by Learning to Start a Company

This article is by Launch alumna, Kiara Wahnschafft. I never really had a comfort zone growing up. I was often the newbie on soccer teams that had been composed of the same group since elementary school. I walked into theatre camps... Continue Reading →

International Students at Launch

For students who live outside of the United States, MIT Launch seems like another world away. From the moment they click “submit” for their application to the moment they arrive Launch, there is a tremendous buildup of anticipation, excitement and perhaps... Continue Reading →

The Key to a Strong Team

When we think about the people behind successful companies like Facebook and Tesla, the first names that come to mind are Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Media tends to portray these CEOs as individuals who run the show with a... Continue Reading →

Should you bring your own idea to Launch?

Before coming to Launch, many students ask if they should be coming with or may bring in their own established idea or company. There is no correct answer to this but there are some things to keep in mind when... Continue Reading →

How to Get the Most Out of Mock Boards

Help is good, but see if you are really listening. Check out these tips to get the most out of mentorship engagements. 1) Don’t interrupt each other. If you can’t handle having a conversation about your company, how can you... Continue Reading →

Week One Reflections

Now that we’ve started week two of Launch, we’ve asked our Launchies to reflect on their first week here at MIT. Read on to learn more and follow the journey with us!   Check in Impressions: Q: What was going... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Tips for Launch

Launch Summer is about to take flight in just a couple days. We want to touch on some last minute things about preparing for your entrepreneurial journey, exploring Boston, and making the most of this life changing experience.  We asked... Continue Reading →

Launch Life: Roommate Edition

Session one of Launch is just over a month away! We hope that you are as excited as we are for the program to start. There are many reasons why Launch is a worthwhile experience, and the college experience of... Continue Reading →

No meal plan?! No worries!

Obligatory Boston clam chowder photo One of the most commonly asked questions we get at Launch is regarding the lack of a meal plan.  Unfortunately, the dormitory dining halls are closed during the summer. While many students ask about how... Continue Reading →

Ciara Judge: Last Minute Inspiration

There are three weeks left to apply for MIT Launch – and I'm here to tell you why a last minute application could change your life. Around this time last year I was surfing the internet, looking for things to... Continue Reading →

International Applicants: Hello From The Other Siiiiide

Less than one month left to apply to MIT Launch 2016, and the questions from international applicants are rolling in! I've collected some advice from former international Launchies for all of you with similar questions out there: Do I need a visa... Continue Reading →

Keval Patel: Never Too Young

It’s been four months since Launch ended, but the memories will continue to live. The experiences I faced and the friendships I made are unforgettable and will always be a part of my life. One of the key messages from... Continue Reading →

Financial Need Scholarships

Hello future Launchies! My name is Russell Reed, and I serve as the Onboarding Coordinator at MIT Launch. I know that, among the questions you have about the application itself, many of you have another concern: paying for Launch if... Continue Reading →

Trisha Kagalavadi: The Reciprocity Ring

Launch is much more than a group of students working tirelessly to create their companies: it’s a community. The power of the Launch community is an invaluable network comprised of people with a variety of different skills, resources, and knowledge.... Continue Reading →

Brian Coombs: Mens et Manus at MIT

Launch just ended, but the memories refuse to fade.  My most prominent memories stem from the challenging learning experience of designing and implementing our hardware product. I co-founded Vintage Vitality, a health wearable company dedicated to connecting ailing loved ones... Continue Reading →

Ayden Howle: A Home Away from Home

Walking through those large transparent doors, I already knew was entering my new home: a place where we are all family, where we are welcome. Here at Launch, valuable speakers from across the world present our lessons, creating this wonderfully... Continue Reading →

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